Gear Change Leeds

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Here we are!

The aim of Gear Change is to produce a confident and responsible driver who enjoys driving.  Driving is a skill which can be used over a lifetime and brings many freedoms.  Much practice is required to make such a skill second nature, even though good training will make the most effective use of the time you devote to learning.  It is not possible to say exactly how many lessons are needed when the new driver is first seen.  But we will teach you the skills you need to become a competent, good driver.


You can be picked up from college/school, home or work without extra charge.  We will do our best to fit in with your lifestyle and timetable.


The car you will be using is fitted with dual controls and the instructor will be in full control of the car when you are at the wheel.  So you can be assured that you are in the safest hands.


You will follow a structured course of learning and be given regular detailed assessments and information on your progress.


You can also receive help with the theory part of the theory test and hazard perception.


The school has several different packages which can be found on the prices pages.  We can teach the complete novice, the person who wants a refresher, those whose international licence needs to be replaced with a UK one and those who want extras such as Pass Plus and Night Driving and Motorway experience.