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10/08/2012 - Who's affected by The New Drivers Act


If you have just passed your first driving test, the New Drivers Act means you’re ‘on probation’ for two years. If you reach six or more penalty points in that time, you’ll lose your licence. Then, you’ll have to apply and pay for a new provisional licence. This means you’ll be a learner driver again.

21/06/2012 - DVLA clarifies advice for drivers with insulin treated diabetes on when they must notify the Agency of their condition


The DVLA has today issued new guidelines aimed at making it easier for drivers with insulin treated diabetes to understand the new driver licensing rules recently introduced to comply with a new European Directive on driving licences.


30/05/2012 - DVLA response to the consultation on driver medical standards on eyesight and epilepsy


The DVLA today published its response to the consultation proposals to amend the minimum medical standards for eyesight and epilepsy in relation to driving.

22/05/2012 - DVLA consultation on driver fees


The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) today issued a consultation paper on proposed changes to its driving licence fees, which would apply in Great Britain from April 2013. Anyone wishing to comment must do so by 14 August 2012.