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The Practical Test

You Are Ready!

Once you have passed your theory test and got that out of the way and your driving has reached a suitable level as discussed with your instructor, you can then look to booking your practical test. 


It is important when booking your test that you check with your instructor first to make sure the car is available at the time.


Booking your Test

You can book your driving test at various sites but you may be charged a booking fee.  This booking fee is not charged if you book on the site



The Test 

After meeting your examiner at the test centre the practical test starts with an eyesight check and then you will be asked two vehicle safety checks (Show Me Tell) which shows you have an understanding of how to make some basic safety checks before your journey starts.  This could include identifying where the windscreen washer reservoir is and then how you would check its level.  Don’t worry, your instructor will go through these with you before the test and give you a copy of the questions and answers.


How Long Does It Take?

The test lasts for about 40 minutes and throughout the test your driving will be looked at to make sure it is of a safe standard.  You will be given directions in plenty of time and you will drive on various types of road and in various traffic conditions.  You should drive in the same way that you do on your lessons or private practice.  You could also be asked to carry out an emergency stop.


During the test you will be asked to complete one manoeuvre such as reversing round a corner, turning in the road and reverse parking either into a bay or parallel parking at the side of the road.  You will also do a 10 minute independent drive which has been designed to assess the abilities to drive the vehicle safely whilst making your own decisions independently.


Don't Worry!

Many mistakes are minor and may not in themselves cause failure.  However if at any time the drive is considered to be a danger to other road users your test could be stopped.

Upon arriving back at the test centre when the test has ended the examiner will tell you whether you have passed or not and discuss how you did.  If you have been successful you will be given a Practical Test Certificate and a test report and then your full driving licence will be sent to you.  Once you have passed you can start driving straight away and you don’t even need to wait for your licence to come.  If you are not successful the examiner will give you helpful feedback for next time.  You can book a new test if one is available for ten working days later.