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The Theory Test

The First Step

Whilst you may take practical lessons before taking your theory test you may not apply for your practical test until you have passed your theory test.


The theory test is made up of two parts – a 50 question multiple choice and a Hazard Perception test.  You will need to pass both parts of the test to get your theory test certificate.


Multiple Choice 

As of January 2012 the actual test question are no longer published.  Any revision materials you may have bought/borrowed will give you an idea of the type of questions you could be asked without giving you ‘live questions’ that will be found on the test itself.


The change was made to ensure that you gain a better understanding of driving theory instead of simply memorising the questions and answers.

Hazard Perception – before this part of the test starts a short video clip will be shown about how this section works on the computer screen. – The 14 video clips feature everyday road scenes that you might experience and contain at least one developing hazard in each clip.  One of the clips has two developing hazards. – A developing hazard is something that could result in you having to take some action which includes changing speed or direction. – In order to pass this part of the test you will need to identify the hazards as early as possible to get as high a score as possible (max 5 per clip).