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What We Offer

Courses To Suit All Needs

Learner drivers can have weekly lessons and these are available throughout Leeds and the surrounding area.  They are a great way for beginners to learn to drive in safety and will run up smoothly to the driving test.  Lessons can be arranged at a time to suit you and you can be collected or dropped off at home, work, college or university.  The lessons can be one, one and a half or two hours long depending on your preferences.  You can also take more than one lesson per week and in fact you will learn faster this way.


In your lessons the instructor will give you guidance and follow the DSA guidelines for the test.  Also help can be given towards both theory and practical tests.  Mock tests can be useful and can be done at regular intervals to check on progress. In addition we are able to coach those with test nerves and who have particular difficulties.


Refresher Lessons

Similar to those offered to Learner Drivers but are aimed at those people who may have passed their test a while ago and wish to refresh their skills. Those who have not driven for a while may want to regain their confidence in driving safely alone.  You can always improve your ability to drive well.



Many who have just passed their driving test may realise that they have not yet had the chance to drive on the motorways and will want to gain the necessary skills to do so safely. Others may not have used the motorways for some time and will appreciate a few refresher lessons.



This course can be taken at any time within 12 months of passing the practical driving test as it is mainly aimed at new drivers who have just passed their practical test.  Passplus is a long established course which was set up by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) in conjunction with insurance companies and the driving industry.  It aims to improve on the skills and knowledge you acquired as a learner driver.  After completing this further training you may find that some insurance companies will reduce your premiums.  There is no test at the end of the course but you will be assessed throughout the sessions to ensure you meet the required standards. Passplus must be completed within 12 months of passing your practical test; you will receive a certificate to show completion of the course.


The seven modules you must complete are

introduction to Pass Plus and city centre driving

all weather driving

driving on rural roads

driving at night

driving on dual carriageways

driving on motorways


Intensive/crash course 

Some people need to gain their qualification quickly perhaps a new job depends on the ability to drive and hold a licence .In this case the person will want many lessons each week to gain competence fast and get on the road sooner.


Nervous Driver

Others may have had a bad experience before and lost their nerve to drive. We are experienced in coaching in driving and have helped many in this situation.  As your instructor is friendly and patient this can help to build up your confidence.  Ensuring your piece of mind is important to us and to help with this your instructor is in full control of the vehicle at all times.


Theory and Hazard Perception 

This is one of the requirements before the practical test can be taken.  We can give more help with this if it causes particular problems and would not make a full charge but a proportionate one.  This knowledge also can be acquired as training progresses.  Your instructor is also able to lend you copies of the CD which shows the type of questions you will get in your theory test and examples of the hazard perception clips.


Advanced Driving 

We can help drivers if they wish to enhance their driving performance and safety and also the ecological efficiency of driving their vehicles.


Such training can bring benefits as follows

It can improve your driving safety 

By reducing the risk of an accident it may result in savings in the terms of cost, injury and convenience.

You start driving in a more efficient way leading to possible reductions in fuel costs, wear and tear and hence maintenance of your vehicle.

It can help you to anticipate problems on the road, plan your driving more efficiently and become a more relaxed driver.


Fleet drivers 

We can help fleet drivers within companies in the training of their employees as is outlined in the higher level training.

Student Discount

As a full time university or college student you will receive a discounted rate on your driving lessons and your collection or drop off can be done from home or university or college.